Texas Vietnam Heroes Museum statue

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
-Mahatma Gandhi

With over 94,000 nonprofit organizations in Texas, there will be a nonprofit that fits both your passion and your career goals. Read about our favorite reasons for working  with nonprofits in the Lonestar State:

Fantastic Opportunities
From El Paso to Denton. From San Marcos to Harlingen, and everywhere in between – there are amazing nonprofits ready to grow and increase their impact. With our state booming in population, so is the need for community services. And you!

Work with Amazing People (and animals, and communities, and habitats…)
A wolf sanctuary in Montgomery. A community health clinic in McKinney. A music mentor program in Austin. These are just a few examples of inspiring projects run by amazing individuals dedicating their lives to its success.  Getting inspired yet?

It’s not just a job, it’s a career.
Nonprofits are savvy and scrappy – they adjust to the needs of their communities and adjust to changes in funding and opportunity Working with a nonprofit will give you the experience and training that can be applied to other sectors. Your grantwriting skills can be used in the government sector (yes, they apply for grants).  A successful development professional can easily transition into business development. And your unique perspective as a seasoned nonprofit expert is always refreshing, if not integral.

Don’t Mess with Texas!
Even though we use this phrase to talk about littering, we know it can be applied to everything Texas! By joining a nonprofit organization, you are helping preserve what makes Texas great, and why it is up to us to preserve its greatness. By taking on a career in the Texas nonprofit sector, you are celebrating our vibrant, diverse, and welcoming state.  And as your passion grows for your organization, so will your love for Texas and those people, places, and things that make us the larger and life community that we are proud to call home!