Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is the cost to post a job?
Right now, posting a job is free! We are hoping to grow our community of nonprofit job creators and job seekers. In the future, we will charge organizations a per job fee to post a position. Want a code to post your jobs for free?  Just sign up for our newsletter or email us at with the Subject Line: Let’s Grow.

Who is eligible to post on the job board?
Any Texas nonprofit organization with a 501(c) designation may post a job on If you are a third party posting to the job board on behalf of a non-profit organization please email us at

How do I post a job for my organization?
You can click on the green “Post a Job” button and post jobs through your account. You can also click this link to go to the job post page.

Is there any cost to view the available jobs?
There is no cost to view all available jobs, and there is no need to create an account to apply for a job either. is a free resource for job seekers looking to make a difference through Texas nonprofit organizations. Let’s get connected and grow our communities!

What types of jobs are posted on the job board?
Paid jobs within a Texas nonprofit organization are posted on our site. Jobs are sorted by job type (full time, part time, contract/internship), by category (communications, program, development, etc.), and by experience level (entry, management, etc.). You can search positions by any of these types.

How long does a job last on the job board?
A job will last for 30 days from the date posted.

What if I want to make edits to a job I have posted?
Please email with any edits you have, or if you need the post removed before the 30 day expiration period.

Why should I sign up for the newsletter?
The newsletter will be a great way to stay connected with us and receive valuable incentives for using, as well as engage with our Community Partners. This will also be a chance to showcase unique jobs with your organization and reach out to job seekers that are part of our readership. Don’t worry we won’t overload your inbox! You can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

I am interested in becoming a community partner. What is that and what are the benefits?
Our Community Partners section highlights service providers and supporters of the Texas nonprofit sectors. This includes businesses, government agencies (such as Chambers of Commerce), trade associations, and individual supporters. We will celebrate these collaborations on our Community Partners page, and share news from these partners on social media. If you are interested, please email us at with the subject “Community Partner”

Do you share any of my information? What is your privacy policy?
We absolutely do not share any of your information – we know the value of privacy in a rapidly growing online and cloud based society. Our site is also hosted by WP Engine, an Austin, Texas based hosting company that continually monitors and updates the security features on our site.  You can also see our privacy policy with regards to cookies here. This is a safe space!
What is your policy on brisket breakfast tacos?
We think it sums up our state deliciously.