About Us

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What happens when a group of long time Texas nonprofit professionals  get together with business savvy social entrepreneurs?  A candid understanding of the challenges of the Texas nonprofit sector, and were we can make inroads to addressing them.

When it is all said and done, it is about connecting passionate civil and community servants with impactful organizations.  And make the connection easy, affordable, and sincere.  Job seekers should connect directly with nonprofit organizations, with no unnecessary interference from 3rd parties or an overly complicated process to research and apply for a position.

Our commitment is simple: To create a straightforward job board to assist job seekers making a long-term career in the Texas nonprofit sector. We also pledge to the nonprofit organizations looking for high caliber talent ready to execute their mission.  We think of txnonprofitjobs.org as a root of the sector, nonprofits being the trunk, and staff members as the branches, leaves and ultimately, the fruit of the tree.